Frequently asked questions

Do you have dinosaurs?

No, we are a history museum – not a natural history museum. The best place to see dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures is at the Arizona Museum of Natural History, also located in Mesa. Your can find them here: http://arizonamuseumofnaturalhistory.org/

Does the museum have a gift shop?

Yes, we carry a variety of items such as books, jewelry, T-Shirts, citrus labels, baseball merchandise, Wallace and Ladmo merchandise, and much more! We also have some items consigned to us by local artists and crafters!

I need volunteer/internship hours for school, can I volunteer here?

Yes! We have ample opportunities for volunteering. We can also work with you to receive college credit as an intern at the Mesa Historical Museum. If you are interested please e-mail our Volunteer Coordinator at Operations@mesamuseum.org. Click here for more information on our volunteer and internship opportunities.

Is the museum wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Our front door only has steps but we do have a ramp on the side of the building. Just make sure to stop by the admissions desk before you view the exhibits.

Does the museum offer tours for groups and/or field trips?

Yes! If you have a large group and you call ahead, we can schedule a docent to walk around the museum with you for a guided tour. If you would like to schedule a guided tour for groups, please call us at: (480) 835-2286 or e-mail us at info@mesamuseum.org. We are open Tuesdays-Saturdays from 10am-4pm.

Can I donate items to the museum?

Yes! If you have something that you would like to donate and think that it would be a valuable addition to the Mesa Historical Museum collection, please contact our Collections Department by e-mailing Collections@mesamuseum.org or by calling at (480) 835-2286 ext. 102 and scheduling a time to meet. Please do not show up with your items if you haven't made prearranged plans with our Collections Department as they are not always readily available to look at your items. Please be sure to review our Collections Policy beforehand.

My family donated an item to the museum but I did not see it during my most recent visit?

We have such a vast collection of artifacts that it would be impossible to display everything we have at once. This is why we have a special rotating exhibit every year and why we rotate out different items in our permanent exhibits; to share as much of our collection as possible with the public. If you have an inquiry about a donated item you believe to be in our collection, please contact our collections department for more information: Collections@mesamuseum.org.

Can I take photos of the items on display at the museum?

Yes! Just please be sure to credit the Mesa Historical Museum when posting online.

Are face masks required at the museum?

We encourage guests to wear masks, but we do not have a requirement in place. We also encourage guests to continue social distancing as best as they can. If you are feeling unwell please stay home and visit when you are feeling better.